Coffee isn't just for mornings.

Coffee is being consumed at all times of the day and by more than just "standard" coffee drinkers.

And not only are coffee drinkers indulging more frequently, but with more sophisticated coffees and specialty drinks.

The solution? EliteVend.

We can provide everything your staff and guests want...without having to leave the office.

We offer an extensive selection of national and regional coffees in a variety of delivery systems including Pour-Over Brewers, Bean-to-Cup Brewers, Keurig Systems, Kiosks and more!

When it comes to your coffee service, EliteVend has what you need at a competitive price.

Starbucks® Medium Roast Coffees


Pause. Inhale. Sip. Savor. Repeat.

Starbucks® medium-roasted coffees are perfect for the in-between palate – not to soft, not too strong. A smooth and balanced medium-roasted Starbucks® coffee is a friendly constant throughout the day, reminding you that things are right just the way they are.

Starbucks® Dark Roast Coffees


An enduring passion for darkly roasted coffee.

Since 1971, Starbucks® has celebrated the art of the dark roast. From their stout and refined Starbucks® Gold Coast Blend® to their intense Starbucks® French Roast—the darkest they roast—these coffees are treasured for their robust flavors and lush mouthfeel.

Seattle's Best® Coffee

Since 1970, Seattle's Best Coffee has been satisfying coffee lovers' demand for great coffee, fueled by the simple notion that everybody deserves a more enjoyable coffee experience.