We're making it easier for your staff to choose a snack or beverage that's right for them.

More choices, smaller portions, fewer calories and clear calorie labels.

What is FitPick®?

FitPick is a healthy vending and micro market labeling program designed to help consumers identify products that meet recognized nutrition standards. Today's FitPick is based on simple, easy to understand guidelines featuring absolute values for calories, fat, sugar and sodium.



  • American Heart Association
  • 2005 USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans
  • Alliance for a Healthier Generation

FitPick is easy to use – recognizable stickers, labels and clings make it simple for users to identify FitPick items

Our program includes stickers that are placed in front of qualifying products, colorful posters and clings that explain the healthy nutrition standard and help educate consumers.


  • FitPick for workplaces requiring a more relaxed standard
  • FitPick SELECT for schools, hospitals and other locations requiring a more stringent standard 

We offer an ever-increasing selection of low- and no-calorie beverage choices, as well as mid -calorie beverages.

We’re Clear On Calories

America's beverage companies are putting clear calorie information at consumers' fingertips. Our Clear On Calories Initiative and Calories Count Vending Program are both designed to help consumers choose a beverage that's right for them.

  • The Clear On Calories Initiative was launched in 2010 to support First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" anti-obesity campaign. We added a consumer-friendly calorie label to the front of every can, bottle and pack we produce. The labels display the total calories per container on beverages 20 ounces or smaller. For containers larger than 20 ounces, calories will be labeled per 12 ounces in most cases.
  • The Calories Count™ Vending Program will offer consumers clear calorie information, encourage lower-calorie beverage choices and remind them that calories count in all the choices they make. On the front of vending machines, they'll see Calories Count™ signs that include one of the following messages: "Check Then Choose" or "Try A Low–Calorie Beverage." The selection buttons will also include calorie labels that show calorie counts per beverage container. The Calories Count™ Vending Program will launch in municipal buildings in the cities of Chicago and San Antonio in 2013, and then be made available to customers nationwide.
A uniform calorie label on beverages, consistent in both design and location, makes it easier for consumers to find the right fit.

A uniform calorie label on beverages, consistent in both design and location, makes it easier for consumers to find the right fit.